Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Nightlife

Subic Bay Nightlife is located not so far away from Angeles, the most famous party and red-light zone in the Philippines, Subic Bay Nightlife is a nightlife destination that’s rising in popularity.

This town has become a great alternative for party enthusiasts who want to feel a different sensation of nightlife entertainment in the Philippines.

In fact, it’s highly recommended for those who plan to spend a long vacation in Angeles city to get away for a few nights to Subic Bay Nightlife Philippines.

Angeles has the largest number of venues as compared to other nightlife areas in the Philippines with lots of young ladies, and after a few days partying around you might feel a bit exhausted.

Subic Bay Nightlife Experience

If the naughty nightlife experience is what you’re looking for, then the red light area might be where you spend most of your nights in Angeles. However, after a few days, you will soon realize that the red light zone is actually not that big.

And perhaps much smaller than you expected because in 3-4 days you will feel like you’ve already seen everything. At that point, a change of scene would be great, and Subic Bay Nightlife is just the perfect option.

Located just 75 minutes away from Angeles, Subic Bay nightlife offers a lot of girly bars. Not as many as in Angeles, but still more than you can explore in 2-3 nights. Perhaps the best thing about Subic Bay Nightlife bars is that the costs for drinks and the ladies are much cheaper than in Angeles.

The whole atmosphere in every venue is also more laid back and friendly, unlike in Angeles that is much touristic and business-oriented. As for the girls, Subic Bay Nightlife also has lots of pretty Filipino girls.

Subic Bay Nightlife
Subic Bay Bar Girls

Most nightlife venues in Subic Bay Nightlife is located in Barrio Barretto, a small shoreline area 6.5km away from Olongapo, the capital of Subic.

Subic Bay Nightlife Accommodation Area

Barrio Barretto is known as an accommodation area, where there are so many hotels, resorts, malls, restaurants, and shops, besides about two dozens of girlie bars that spread all across the main road.

If you’re in Subic mainly to enjoy its nightlife scene, then staying in Barrio Barretto would be a smart plan.

Baloy Long Beach is another nightlife area in Subic Bay Nightlife, which is actually the main beach in Subic. Here, there are also a lot of accommodations, even though not as many as in Angeles.

But the hotels and resorts in this area are bigger and more luxurious than those in Barrio Barretto, and they are also more expensive.

Even though it’s also known as a Subic Bay nightlife spot in Subic, but nearly all bars in this area are just ‘normal’ bars that only serve drinks and offer a relaxing environment without sexy bargirls or any naughty activities.

Most of these bars are located inside the hotels and resorts. If you prefer to get your nightlife entertainment from the girlie bars, then you would have to travel about 1 km to Barrio Barretto.

Of course, you can still meet some attractive young girls in some of the bars in Long Beach, but these are just ‘regular’ girls who can turn you down, remember this is not a red-light area.

Subic Bay Nightlife

Then there is also the Olongapo, which is the capital city of Subic. It’s actually a bit overstating to call this place a “city” since it only has about 250 thousand residents.

Olongapo city bars

Olongapo city bars are not so much different than what you can find in Barrio Barretto, most of them are girlie bars with lots of sexy girls ready to entertain you. The whole atmosphere in the city itself is a bit unpleasant and somewhat chaotic, but the venues are pretty nice.

Subic Bay Nightlife
Subic Bay Bar Girls

Besides girlie bars, there are also other types of venues here, such as KTVs, sports bars, and nightclubs. The nightclubs in this area are actually quite nice and they became increasingly popular as the highlights of Subic Bay nightlife.

Two of the most popular nightclubs in this area are Nocturnal Disco and Club V. Both clubs have spacious dance floors with VIP tables around the areas that can be booked.

However, Nocturnal is bigger and more popular among foreigners, that’s why most freelance girls can be found in Nocturnal instead of Club V.

Other areas in Subic are still undeveloped, but it does have about twelve beautiful beaches that you can visit if you want to enjoy your time in a different way.

But when it comes to beaches, there are many other places in the Philippines that are more beautiful, while the type of nightlife sensation offered here is so uniquely Subic.

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