Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Most Recommended Girlie Bars In Subic Bay


There are so many tourist destinations in the Philippines with different characteristics and some of them are way more popular than others. Subic Bay Philippines is one of the destinations that’s currently on the rise to be among the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Subic Bay offers various kinds of attractions like beautiful beaches and various theme parks, but one thing that really makes this destination very popular is its nightlife scene. While many other tourist destinations offer beautiful natural attractions that even more beautiful than those in Subic Bay, there is no place in the Philippines that has the kind of entertainment like the Subic Bay nightlife has to offer, especially when it comes to its girlie bars.

Actually there are a few other places in the Philippines that are known for their nightlife scenes, one of them is Angeles, that’s often being compared with Subic Bay. Many people, especially tourists think that Angeles has a better nightlife scene when compared to Subic Bay. This is actually true in some aspects, for example Angeles has more bars than Subic Bay and most of them look more classy as compared to most Subic Bay bars. The types of nightlife venues in Angeles also more vary than Subic Bay. Besides girlie bars, Angeles also has various clubs, discos, live music venues, sports bars, cafes, fancy restaurants, and others.

Barrio Baretto
Barrio Baretto

However, nightlife venues in Angeles are mostly way more expensive than Subic Bay, most of them are actually geared towards tourists and very much business oriented. The venues in Subic Bay are way more relaxed and have much friendlier atmosphere, the prices are also much cheaper when compared to the venues in Angeles. Even though Subic Bay doesn’t have a lot of varieties of the venues, but when it comes to girlie bars, there is no other place in the Philippines that can match it.

Nearly all nightlife venues in Subic Bay are girlie bars and there are so many of them. If your idea of enjoying nightlife entertainment is to hop from one girlie bar to another, then Subic Bay would be the best place to visit. In Subic Bay you have an endless option for girlie bars, plus each of these girlie bars also employ lots of beautiful local girls who serve you drinks and keep you companied. These girls have one thing in common, they are much friendlier than girls from girlie bars in big cities like Angeles.

The Subic Bay bars are mostly spread along 500 meters long area on the Olongapo-bugallon Road, but there are also many other bars in other areas in Subic Bay. In this area, you can also find various hotels, so if you’re in Subic Bay mostly to enjoy its nightlife entertainment, then it’s a good idea to choose a hotel in this area.

Because there are so many girlie bars in Subic Bay, it might be quite confusing for you to choose a venue to spend your night in, especially if you’re new to the area. So here are some of the most recommended Subic bay girlie bars that you can checkout:


Lollipop Bar – This is one of the biggest venues in the city, which is quite stand out because most girlie bars in the area are really small. Lollipop Bar has a huge dance floor that can display ten girls together at one time. Many people considered the girls in this bar are among the prettiest in Subic Bay. Furthermore, these girls are not just pretty, but they are also very friendly, and unlike the stereotype of bar girls, these girls are not being pushy at all.

The Office – This is considered as one of the classiest venues in the area, with classy look and young girls ready to entertain you. The Office becomes one of the best girlie bars because of the standards of the girls they employ. These girls are young, beautiful and have great attitudes. Even though girls in Subic Bay nightlife area come and go very often, but this venue has managed to always hire girls according to their “high” standards. The bar has a center stage for the girls to dance and it also has a pool table in the back.

Barrio Baretto Bars
Barrio Baretto Bars

Cheap Charlies – Small but cozy, Cheap Charlies is a nice bar with a friendly feel that can be a great place to hangout if you decide to start your night early. This is probably the most popular place to relax and have a drink during daytime. There are two areas, downstairs and upstairs (rooftop). In downstairs there’s a small bar with a stage that has three pole bars. The rooftop area offers a more relaxed feel, where you can enjoy drinks while flirting with the beautiful girls.


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