Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

How to Attract Hot Women – A Guide to Attracting Women

A guy to get to know her, but once she shows interest in you, it’s very likely that you’ll start doing it the other way. So, it’s really just a matter of opening her up.

So, what do you do with a woman? You treat her nicely. You pay her proper attention, but let her do all the talking. You don’t try to engage her in conversation and you don’t try to be her wing man. The polite, submissive sort of guy. You’re not trying to charm her or charm her.

You’re just trying to keep her with you. Not that she can’t be charmed, just that she doesn’t really like being charmed. It can be pretty annoying and confusing for her. I mean, she seems to be attracted to you, but then suddenly, she detaches herself and walks away. So, do you conclude that she’s just a flake? How would you like it if all your efforts were for nothing? Don’t let it happen to you!

One way to do this is to become a master of the social skills, the non-verbal cues. You have to master how to get a girl’s attention, but don’t tell her you’re interested in her. In fact, you try to hide it. You’ll be shocked at how effective it is. It works like magic! Believe me, I’ve tried it and it works. And it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Women find dorky guys attractive. The key is your personality. You have to be someone that women find interesting to be so magnetic that they couldn’t stop talking. I’m sure you’re nodding right now. So, how to master the social skills?

1. Be confident. It’s important to have confidence in yourself, but be humble. Women love those guys who have self-confidence but humility. It’s okay if you have a little insecurity in you. You don’t have to have confidence in every aspect of your life, just in your social side.

You must know that women are interested in you but, you must control your ego. You must be the center of attention. If you’re like me, you would get so nervous that you’d forget to be magnetic. It’s okay, we’re not God. We’re not perfect. We have our faults. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get over it.

2. Don’t be boring. Do be interesting, but be in the moment. Not everything has to have a title and a reason why you’re talking. Women can get bored easily. Being in the moment will make you a magnet. You’re at the center of attraction, so be in the moment. Do something that will attract the girl’s attention, even if it’s just smiling and laughing with a friend. It will impress her. Be in the moment.

Have you ever been to a party and had no one to talk to? You sit there thinking to yourself that life sucks, but you’re the only one who can say something, right? Well, that’s not an excuse, but it’s advice. To attract people, you must be there. You must put yourself out there.

So get out there! It’s okay to be lonely. Being alone isn’t a bad thing. Being alone means you’re in the moment and you’re focused. To attract people, you have to take action, not sit around and worry about what you should do or what you should be. It’s about taking action and inspiring others to do the same. Be in the moment. Get out there and make something happen.

3. Stop trying to impress. Not every girl you meet wants the hottest guy in town or someone who lives a life you can emulate. Sometimes women want a guy who is fun, intelligent, funny, confident, and witty. Let these qualities shine through you and let her decide whether she wants you or not. By trying to impress, you’re coming across as insecure and needy. Women don’t want men who are insecure and needy. That’s a huge turnoff. They want a guy who exudes confidence, a guy who exudes charisma, and a guy who exudes fun. They don’t want the nice guy. Try to get out of that role and become your own man.

4. Talk less. This is the other tip about wanting women who are available. When you talk less, you don’t get noticed. When you don’t get noticed, then you aren’t interesting. When you aren’t interesting, then you aren’t interesting enough for a woman. Keep it casual. The more you pretend that you’re interested in a woman, the more she’ll suspect that you’re up to something. Do not carry any conversation.

Let the women talk for a bit. Be attentive, but don’t be too attentive. Watch their faces. Watch their bodies language. When they do the wave, give them a compliment, but don’t do two compliments in a row. Be there for them, but do not be their ‘guest.’ Be a guy who’s ‘just here for the fun stuff,’ not a guy who’s ‘just here to fix stuff.’ Have fun. You’ll be surprised at how many women will be interested in someone who is fun. Try to be fun and enjoy yourself. Being fun will give you many feminine qualities.

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