Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Meeting Girls in Subic Bay Nightclubs

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Meeting Girls in Subic Bay where many ways for single male travelers to spend their nights, but usually for single guys or male tourists who travel alone, finding beautiful local girls to accompany them is definitely on their list.

When it comes to enjoying the nightlife in Subic Bay Philippines, usually most people will instantly think about girlie bars. That’s because girlie bars are the type of nightlife venues that is so identical to Subic Bay.

But actually Subic Bay is not just about girlie bars, it is true that most nightlife venues in this town are girlie bars, but there are other types of venues to consider.

One type of nightlife venue that is increasingly popular in the Subic Bay nightlife scene is a nightclub.

This type of venue is actually fairly new in Subic Bay, a few years ago there were only regular KTVs and some chaotic clubs with boomboxes. But things have changed now and today there are a few nice clubs in Subic Bay.

Two of the most recommended nightclubs in Subic Bay are the Nocturnal Disco and Club V that is located in downtown Olongapo.

These nightclubs became popular spots to pick up meeting girls because you actually can spend less when compared to picking up girls in one of the girlie bars.

The drinks in this type of venue are actually cheaper than in Subic Bay bars, and if you see a girl you like and decide to approach her, then you don’t have to pay for lady drinks that are way more expensive than regular drinks.

You can just buy her a regular drink at a regular price. That’s because the meeting girls you find in the club are not employed by the venue. They are either single girls who are looking to meet single guys or freelance working girls.

Regardless of what kind of meeting girls you find in the club, you wouldn’t need to spend so much money in the venue before taking her out.

meeting girls
Subic Bay Nightlife

meeting girls

Nocturnal Disco

This is a fantastic place to party at reasonable prices. If you are familiar with the nightlife scene in Angeles, you will see that Nocturnal is quite similar to High Society, a popular nightclub in Angeles.
meeting girls
This club has a large dance area in front of the DJ stage that sometimes also used for coyote dancers. Around the area, you will find several round tables and also some VIP tables that have comfortable couches.

However, in order to get a place at one of those tables you need to make a reservation and buy a bottle of whiskey.

Every night this club is full of foreign and local partygoers, as well as dozens of beautiful Filipino girls. Approaching these meeting girls is not that difficult even though most Filipino girls are shy.

Club V

Located just about 100 meters away from Nocturnal, Club V is the second-best club in Subic Bay that has a different concept. It’s really popular with the locals especially young people who like to go clubbing with a group of friends.

There are also many beautiful, young Filipino meeting girls partying in this nightclub, but mostly these are not working girls. That’s because most working girls in the area are going to the Nocturnal since there are more foreigners there.

More foreigners usually more chances to make more money for ‘freelance’ girls. So if you just want to party or you only want to pick up non-working girls, then Club V could be a nice place to hang out.

This club has a small dance floor, and on the side also the second floor there are several tables with couches. These are VIP tables that require a reservation, and you also need to buy a bottle of whiskey to use the facility, just like in Nocturnal.

The place is only packed on the weekend, so if you feel like partying on a weekday it’s better to go to Nocturnal instead.

Getting There

When you spend your vacation in Subic Bay, then probably you are staying in Barrio Barretto, because it’s the most popular accommodation area in town where you can easily find meeting girls.

If you’re not planning on staying in Barrio Barretto then you might want to change your plan and stay in Barrio Barretto instead, simply because it’s the best place to stay and enjoy meeting girls in Subic Bay bars.

This area has all kinds of accommodations, restaurants, meeting girls, malls, shops as well as girlie bars and other nightlife venues.

From Barrio Barretto, you can get to Nocturnal Disco or Club V by taking a tricycle for 150 Pesos or taking a blue jeepney to Olongapo.

Get off at the final stop and walk to Rizal Avenue, from there you can take a yellow jeepney that goes to the south that will take you right in front of the venue.

In total, you only need to spend 20 Pesos from Barrio Barretto to either Nocturnal Disco or Club V and Meeting girls parties.

meeting girls
Subic Bay Nightlife

meeting girls

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Subic Bay Bar Girls

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