Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Information About Subic Bay Bar Girls

visit Subic bay bar the Philippines and see more information about bar girls. Many visitors were surprised to know that there are many bar girls who work in a bar but the way they earn their living is very different.


The bar girls usually welcome any visitor and are just like any other girl, they receive tips from their customers and their parents and also receive compensation from their employers for working in the bar. Bar girls can be young as well as elderly and these girls are mostly employed in a bar by their own parents so that they may earn extra income during holidays or weekends.


* In the case of Subic bar girls, they also need to earn to survive and they prefer to work alone so that they can be more independent of their families and can also spend time with their loved ones.


Bar girls in Subic bay bar and Metro Subic bay bar


Aside from Subic bar girls, we can also find bar girls in other parts of Subic bay bar including, Subic bay bar, North Dumaguete City, and South Dumaguete City. Although the bar girls in Subic bay bar are not as numerous and famous as those in Subic, it does not mean that they are less of a sightseeing attraction either. Bar girls in Subic bay bar are more comfortable and approachable.


Although bar girls in Subic bay bar are mostly expected to be completely innocent and always dressed smartly, it does not mean that they are not capable of behaving wrong. When they hear “Cheerio”, they also like to eat “Tuna” (cheerio + tuna = cheerio) and their favorite food is spaghetti and meat sauce. We can also find bar girls who like to sing “Sausage” and “Ketchup”.


Aside from their dressing, bar girls in Subic bay bar also prefer to sing “Kaya Kalikas”, “Paghula ako” and “Kaya magtatanong ano” which is their national song and that is their favorite dance. If they like to sing, bar girls will sing mostly to keep motivated and because they believe that singing will make them more attractive and popular. But bar girls in Subic bay bar don’t just sing, they also play musical instruments. The most common musical instruments used by bar girls are the drums, pewter bells, guitar, and zither. Because they are simple instruments, they are easy to learn and to master. They can be played even by handicapped people.


Besides their activities, bar girls in Subic bay bar are generally expected to have a beautiful face and a pretty body. But the opposite is also true. Although Filipinas are proud of their appearance, attractive ones are also available.


Aside from their looks, bar girls in Subic bay bar also have a little bit of luck. Just like in any other country, some bar girls in Subic bay bar will succeed over others. There are both born as well as skilled professionals who will become bar girls in Subic bay bar regardless of their looks, luck or education. The way to become a bar girl in Subic bay bar is never a failure if you are willing and able to work hard and be creative. There are many ways to become a bar girl in Subic bay bar and if you decide to become a model, you will have to take extra care to take care of your looks. Because bar girls are basically just extras, they will never be seen by the general public.




The bartender is the person who helps the guest to select a drink, snacks, and other things to eat and prepare them in the bar. In most bars, the bartender helps and controls the guests to choose drinks and keep them refreshed. In the city, the bar staff is regarded as attractive people because they prefer those who are pretty as they are calm and organized.


The bartender is regarded as an important member in Subic bay bar’s nightlife because they mainly decide how much customers can spend each night. Bar staff also have a special relationship with the management because they can be the channel for the complaints of the guests if they feel that the bar is not running fast enough.


* Pretty (not model): If you are born in this category and you are sure that your looks are not enough to help you as a bar girl, you should go to the best beauticians and have them give you a professional makeover. This is the best way to be accepted as a bar girl in Subic bay bar.


Not so pretty: If you are not born with a pretty face, you should have a hairdresser or a professional manicurist to give you an effective makeover. With these services, you will be able to be seen as a pretty bar girl.


Fashion designer: If you are born with a pretty face, you should go to a good hairdresser and should use them to get an effective hairstyle. You should not go to a hairdresser that does not offer this service. Once you have a nice hairstyle, you can become a bar girl.

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