Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

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I am delighted that the Subic Bay Tourism Office started its promotional activities in early 2007. The team that is working there is very passionate about tourism and it has resulted in many international award winning tours. I’m very pleased that this office has been set up by the Subic Bay Government in the presence of UNESCO World Heritage listed Barros Volcano. A Tourism Office like this should exist in tourist friendly countries that have attractions such as these. The office has a mission to promote Subic Bay as a safe place to holiday and as a tourist destination. It will provide guidance to tourists about what to see and do in the city. They are also training tour guides to enhance tourists experience of the city. The office has organized and arranged several travel packages for foreign tourists which include a sightseeing tour of Subic Bay, sightseeing of Mt. Pulag, an island hopping tour of Palawan and more.

For those who want to make their holidays enjoyable, they can choose from from among the hundreds of sightseeing tours offered by the tourism office. Among these many are geared towards sightseeing of Subic Bay. Among those many Subic Bay sightseeing tours are those that include sightseeing of Mt. Pulag, an island hopping tour of Palawan, boat ride on lake Ponta and more. In view of safety, the tours are guided by certified tour guides with valid government identification papers. In addition, tourists who wish to travel with a group of at least 4 people can also go on a group tour of Subic Bay.

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled before you can book a Subic Bay sightseeing tour. You should be at least 18 years of age and physically fit. If you are very young then a parent or legal guardian should also book you. Another requirement is that you need to be able to read and write in English. The accommodation you will be booking should have a toilet and bath attached. The tour packages with Subic Bay are usually for 1 day and 4 days. The package with Mt. Pulag is for 1 day and if you want to go on an island hopping tour then it will be for 2 days. If you want to take a boat ride on a lake then it should be for 4 hours or for whole day.

The Subic tours are organized by the tourism office in cooperation with local tour guide organizations. You can also choose among tours with Palawan so that you can experience the culture of the region in addition to the sightseeing. There are several types of Palawan tour packages. Some include sightseeing of cities like Puerto Princesa, Angeles City, Quezon City and more. You can also book one with a sightseeing of mountains like Cebu, Layang-Layang and more.

In addition to Subic Bay and Palawan, there are various sightseeing tours offered by the tourism office that includes sightseeing of Mindanao in addition to Visayas. Among the tour packages of Visayas include Palawan sightseeing and sightseeing of Mindanao in addition to a sightseeing of Angeles City, Puerto Princesa, Lanao del Sur and some in Negros Occidental.

There are several types of Negros Negros tour packages that include sightseeing. These include sightseeing in Negros Oriental and a sightseeing of Ilocos and something about Negros and Bohol. There are tour packages that include some of the famous beaches in Negros Island and other in addition to the Negros Oriental beaches and more beaches in Negros Occidental.

In addition to sightseeing, there are sightseeing tours of the entire Philippines. They include sightseeing in the whole Philippines so that you can experience the local culture in addition to the sightseeing of the national and scenic areas in the Philippines. Some of the tours of the Philippines that includes sightseeing include seeing the islands in the East China Sea, seeing the volcanoes in Mt. Mayom, seeing the islands in the South China Sea, and other in addition to the national parks in Zambales, Marinduque and Negros Oriental.

If you want to see the Philippines from above, then you can go for a sub-anhedral tour in the Philippines. These tours include flights on an airplane so that you can really see the country from above and from a great height. You can also choose to go for an aerial view tour so that you can see the islands from above and the cities from above. There are various tour packages that include these tours and others that include sub-anhedral tours that include various tours in the Philippines.

In addition to the above tours, there are also tours that take you to the islands in the Philippine archipelago. There are these island tours that include sightseeing tours of various places in the Philippines. These tours are different from the island tours that you can go on if you have connections or if you know someone who can arrange such tours for you.

So be ready to have fun in the Philippines!

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