Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Philippines – The Beautiful Party Town

Located in the Zambales province, Subic Bay Philippines was a former American navy base with so many American fleets and soldiers in the area.

The existence of the US soldiers in the Subic Bay Philippines area actually often created problems with the locals, but the positive side is that those soldiers also helped the area grew to become one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

A lot of facilities in Subic Bay Philippines that support its tourism industry today were actually built to facilitate the soldiers, such as restaurants, accommodation, including entertainment venues like clubs and bars.

These clubs and bars are now forming the vibrant Subic Bay nightlife scene.

Subic Bay Philippines

Today, Subic Bay is a thriving commercial zone under the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. As the local authority is getting more serious in growing its tourism potentials.

The infrastructure in this lovely town is getting much better, so it is now ready to welcome more and more visitors. As a part of the town’s development, the public transportation in Subic Bay is also getting much better.

Today Subic Bay has an airport that serves domestic and international flights. The accessibility from and to this town through the land is also getting so much easier. These positive changes are not only affecting its tourism but also the whole business activities in this town.

Subic Bay Philippines
Subic Bay

Subic Bay Philippines

Tourist Attractions in Subic Bay

Subic Bay is known as the pearl of the oriental seas, which pretty much describes the natural beauty of this destination.

As a Subic Bay Philippines area, this beautiful town is famous for its great diving spots, in fact, a lot of people consider that it’s the best diving destination in the Philippines.

Not only the divers can find a lot of beautiful coral reefs and marine life, but down under, they can also find a lot of ship wreckage’s that make the diving experience in Subic Bay Philippines waters so unique.

As a diving destination, there are a lot of diving gear charters as well as diving schools around Subic Bay.

Subic Bay Philippines

Besides diving spots, Subic Bay Philippines also has various other attractions, such as the Safari Land that features various kinds of animals with beautiful surroundings on an area of about 25 hectares.

Some other interesting attractions include the ocean park where visitors can enjoy dolphin attractions, tennis clubs, beach clubs, and various other resorts.

Subic Bay Nightlife

Even though Subic Bay Philippines has various tourist attractions with beautiful nature, but this town is best known for its nightlife scene. The Subic Bay nightlife is so vibrant and it has something for everyone.

No matter what kind of nightlife entertainment you prefer, you can find it in Subic Bay Philippines, even though the Subic Bay nightlife is best known for its girlie bars.

There are several nightlife areas in Subic Bay Philippines where a lot of nightlife venues can be found. Baloy Beach is one of the nightlife areas that are quite popular among tourists.

Baloy Beach is actually an accommodation area that has a lot of hotels and resorts with various facilities. This area is known for being a nightlife area because every hotel in Baloy Beach has its own bar.

However, there are no girlie bars here, most bars in this area simply offer a place for visitors to relax while having their favorite drinks. Some of these bars also provide live music and big-screen TVs for live sports.

Subic Bay Philippines
Subic Bay Nightlife

Subic Bay Philippines
If you are more interested in having a wild party, then you should go to the National Highway area. Here you will find so many small bars with loud music and a lot of sexy girls ready to entertain you all night.

If you want to look for a lady friend to accompany you while you enjoy your night in Subic Bay Philippines, then the bars in the National Highway area are the perfect venues to visit. Most of the venues in this nightlife area are girlie bars.

Subic Bay Philippines is another popular nightlife area that has a lot of great venues. However, most Subic Bay bars in this area are bigger and fancier compared to the venues in other areas, as well as more expensive.

Not only girlie bars, here you can find more variety of nightlife venues. Olongapo and Magasaysay are two other popular areas for nightlife entertainment.

Mostly these areas are famous among local partygoers, but you can also find a lot of tourists here. In Subic Bay Philippines the Olongapo City bars offer various entertainment, not only dancing girls but also live music and some other kinds of entertainment.

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