Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay – The Party Destination in The Philippines

When talking about nightlife entertainment in the Philippines, most people will think about Angeles city. But today there is another nightlife destination that’s becoming more and more popular, which is located just 75 minutes bus ride away from Angeles.

This destination is Subic Bay, a beautiful bay area for nightlife entertainment that offers wonderful natural beauty. In terms of the nightlife venues’ quality, actually, Angeles is still better.

Angeles has way more venues than Subic Bay, the types of venues also more varied.And mostly the venues in Angeles are bigger and more luxurious than in Subic Bay nightlife entertainment.

However, Subic Bay also has a lot of plus points even though most venues in this town are girlie bars and mostly smaller than the venues in Angeles.

The prices in Subic Bay bars are much cheaper than in Angeles, whether for the drinks or for the girls. The atmosphere in Subic Bay nightlife venues is way more relaxed than those in Angeles.

The girls are just as beautiful here and some of them even prettier, but best of all, most of these girls in Subic Bay Philippines are much friendlier and not so pushy, they won’t ask for lady drinks the minute you sit down in the bar.

Nightlife Entertainment in the Philippines

Most nightlife venues in Subic Bay (almost 90% of them) are located in Barrio Baretto. This place is located about 7 kilometers from the capital of the Subic region, Olongapo.

If you are planning to spend a few days in Subic Bay to enjoy its nightlife scene, then it’s best to find your accommodation in this area. Barrio Barretto is known for being an accommodation area where you can find lots of hotels and resorts.

Along the main coastal road where most girlie bars are located, you can also find a lot of restaurants and shops that provide everything you need during your stay for nightlife entertainment.

nightlife entertainment

Another great nightlife entertainment area is Baloy Long Beach, which is located next to Barrio Barretto. Subic Bay has lots of beaches, and Baloy Long Beach is actually its main beach. That’s why most bigger and luxury hotels in Subic Bay are located in this area.

There are many bars in this area, but most of these bars are just ‘normal’ bars that simply offer relaxing space with nice drinks. Most of them are resto-bars and beach bars without girlie entertainment.

So if you prefer to spend your nights in girlie bars, then this is not the right place for you to stay, because you would have to walk pretty far (about 1km) to get to the girlie bars area in Barrio Barretto.

In some resorts and bars in this area, you actually can find girls, but these are not girls like you can find in the red light area.

nightlife entertainment
nightlife entertainment

Girlie bars in Subic Bay

As said before, girlie bars in Subic Bay offer a more relaxing atmosphere, and best of all, the prices here are much cheaper than in Angeles city. Most nightlife entertainment venues in the Philippines are so touristic and business-oriented.

W with the bargirls that are so pushy from almost the minute you sit down, but not in Subic Bay. The atmosphere in these venues is so laid back and less pushing, so it’s really relaxing.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that the girls don’t expect you to buy lady drinks, it’s just that they really take their time to approach you and they also don’t finish their drinks in 10 minutes then ask you for more.

The great thing is because Subic Bay is literally competing with Angeles, and unfortunately Angeles still manages to attract more tourists, the number of girls here actually exceeds the number of foreigners, so they are really trying to make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy your nightlife entertainment.

nightlife entertainment
Subic Bay Nightlife

nightlife entertainment

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