Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

The Charming Party Town Of Subic Bay

Subic Bay Bar Girls

Used to be home for US fleets and American soldiers, Subic Bay is now emerges to become one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the Philippines. The navy base in this area actually often created problems between the soldiers and the locals, but on the other hand, these soldiers also helped this area grew and finally has an increasingly strong economy due to its tourism industry, especially nightlife entertainment.

A lot of facilities in Subic Bay Philippines that support tourism were actually built to accommodate the US soldiers, such as restaurants, accommodation, including bars and clubs. Since the soldiers also needed more entertainment than just drinks, Girlie bars starting to open one by one until finally there are so many of them, and today Subic Bay is known for being a nightlife destination with a lot of nice Girlie bars.

Today even though the US navy base no longer exist in the area, the facilities remain, including the nightlife venues, in fact they even keep growing in number. With much better infrastructure, Subic is opening its doors for more visitors every year, and indeed more and more visitors are attracted to spend their holiday in this lovely town, mainly to enjoy the hospitality and the wildness of Subic Bay bars.

Today this town also has an airport that handles domestic and international flights. Furthermore, the land transportation infrastructure is also getting so much better. This development is making this town more accessible and ideal to be a tourist destination. Besides affecting its tourism industry, it also affects the business growth in this town generally.

Subic Bay Bar Girls
Subic Bay Bar Girls


Actually Subic Bay nightlife is not the only attraction in this town, because Subic actually has a lot more tourist attractions that are more family-friendly. The beautiful nature is definitely the highlight of Subic Bay tourism, that’s why this place is also known as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas”.

One of its best natural attractions is the underwater beauty. Subic Bay is famous for having some of the best diving spots in the country. It has a great marine-life diversity and a huge variety of coral reefs. But not only that, under the water there are also a lot of ship wreckages that offer a unique diving sensation in Subic waters. On the beach areas you will find a lot of diving gears charters as well as diving schools.

Safari Land is another famous attraction in this lovely town. This giant theme park occupies about 25 hectares of land that provides a safari experience for its visitors with various animals walking around without cages in the wonderful nature. Some other great attractions you can find in Subic Bay include the Ocean Park with its dolphin attractions, also various beach clubs and resorts.

But the crown and jewel of Subic Bay tourism is definitely its nightlife scene. There are four nightlife areas in Subic Bay where most nightlife venues are concentrated:


  1. Baloy Long Beach


There are a lot of accommodation in this area, but most hotels and resorts in this part of town are the luxury ones – as compared to other accommodation in other parts of Subic bay. These hotels have great facilities, great food, and some of them are facing the beach. So if you want a cozy holiday with extra money to spend, this is where you should find your accommodation.

Each hotel and resort in this area has its own bar or club, however none of them are girlie bars. So if you want a naughtier nightlife entertainment you should go about 1 km away to Barrio Barretto area, where most girlie bars are located.

Subic Bay Bar Girls
Subic Bay Bar Girls
  1. National Highway

This is where you will find lots of Girlie bars spreading along 500 meter on the main road. You can also find a lot of hotels and resorts in this area that are cheaper than those in Long Beach area. The venues in this area are mostly quite small, but they are actually really nice, they offer a friendly atmosphere with nice, beautiful girls ready to entertain you all night. This is the area that is known as the red light zone of Subic Bay.


  1. Olongapo and Magasaysay


These two areas are very popular among local partygoers, but some westerners also can be found in this area. Besides girlie bars there are also some live band venues and nightclubs in these areas. The Nocturnal Disco in Olongapo is the most popular nightclub in all of Subic Bay.


  1. Subic Base


Also known as the waterfront business district, here you can find a lot of venues in different sizes, but mostly bigger than venues in other parts of town and they also tend to be more expensive.

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