Subic Bay Bar Girls

Subic Bay Bar Girls

The Nightlife Zones in Subic Bay Philippines

Lollipop Bar

Subic Bay Philippines is getting more and more popular nowadays as one of the most exotic tourist destinations in South East Asia. This area is known for many things, but most tourists usually know this destination for its oceanic beauty. Subic Bay has a lot of wonderful diving sites with incredible marine life diversity and beautiful coral reefs. Besides natural tourist attractions, it also has various interesting man-made attractions, such as beach clubs, ocean park, safari land, and many more.

Subic Bay Philippines

However, oceanic beauty is just half of this area’s charm, because the other half is actually the Subic Bay nightlife. Various kinds of nightlife entertainment can be found in Subic Bay bars as well as other nightlife venues that can be found all over this town. In Subic Bay the nightlife venues are concentrated in several different areas:

  1. Subic Base

There are a lot of great venues in this waterfront business district. The venues here are mostly a lot bigger and luxurious when compared with nightlife venues in other parts of Subic Bay, these venues also mostly more expensive compared to those in other areas. The venues in this area are really diverse, but Subic Base is mostly known for its live music venues. Two of the most popular live music venues in the Subic Base area are the Neptunes and Pier One.

  1. Olongapo and Magasaysay

These are the most popular areas for local partygoers, compared with other areas these are the two nightlife zones where you can see the most concentration of local partygoers. But you can also still find lots of foreigners here. Here you can find various venues from Olongapo City bars, discos as well as live music venues with great local and international bands. The downtown areas of Olongapo and Magasaysay are mainly also known for their great live music venues, such as the Subic Hard Rock cafe, Cal Jam, Willies, and Gigalo’s.

Subic Bay
Lollipop Bar

  1. Barrio Baretto

You can find a lot of nightlife venues with various types at the top-end of this highway, but mostly the venues are small clubs and bars. Most of these venues look pretty similar, and many of them don’t even look inviting. But actually, each of these venues offers pretty good nightlife entertainment of various kinds. This area is also known to be the best nightlife area to pick up girls, that’s why even though it’s unofficial, most locals and tourists consider this area to be the red district of Subic Bay. This could also be a great place if you just want to enjoy drinks accompanied by some hot local bargirls.

This is the area where most girlie bars in Subic Bay are concentrated, each venue has many beautiful local bar girls that provide you with various entertainment as well as companionship. If bar hopping is your style in enjoying the nightlife, then this would be the best nightlife area for you to visit, because most venues are pretty much alike with similar prices and all venues are located really close to one another. Another great thing about this nightlife area is that it’s located really close to the accommodation area, Baloy Beach. So if you are planning to enjoy nightlife during your holiday, you can stay in the Baloy Beach area and you can simply take a short walk to get to the Barrio Baretto area.

Recommended Girlie Bars in Subic Bay

Subic Bay
The Office

The Office – This is one of the classiest bars in Subic Bay, with a sophisticated design and beautiful girls. The great thing about The Office is that even though the bargirls in Subic Bay normally come and go really quickly, but they can maintain their standards to recruit only the prettiest ones.

Subic Bay
Cheap Charlies

Cheap Charlies – If you want to enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere while enjoying drinks, but still want a companion of a cute local girl, Cheap Charlies is the place to be. It’s a small venue with a really friendly feel. It has two main areas, the downstairs where there is a tiny bar with 10 girls dancing around three-pole bars. Upstairs is the rooftop area with an, even more, relaxing environment. This is also one of the best bars in Subic to visit during the daytime.

Lollipop – Unlike most girlie bars in the Subic Bay area that are usually pretty small, Lollipop has a quite large area. Ten girls can perform at the same time on their huge dance floor. This place is also known for its pretty girls, in fact many people consider that the girls are among the prettiest in town.

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Subic Bay Bar Girls

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